Paul Stephen Benjamin
Let Freedom Ring
Detail View
Installation View, "Unloaded"
DashBoard US
Marcia Wood Gallery, 2017
Black Kettles Ain't Whistling Dixie
Detail View
God Bless America, Installation View, 
Poem 88, Sept 2016
Oh Say
Gallery 72
Installation View
Blue, Installation view, Sept 2016
Black Is the Color, Installation View,
High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA 2016
Come Over, Come Over
Installation View, 2016
ABCKLInstallation View 
Detail View,  The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, 2014

ABCKLX Installation View Atlanta Contemporary Art Center 2014

N Chant (studio view)

Flow (installation view)
ABCKL InstallationInstallation View Georgia State UniversityOh Say and ABCKL
Red, Part 1, sound, color, 03:23 minutes, loop, variable
(Installation view)
Black, Part 2, sound, color, 03:34 minutes, loop, variable
(Installation view)
Green, Part 3, sound, color, 03:19 minutes, loop, variable
(Installation view)
Black is the Color (video still)Black Light (video still)Flow (video still)
​Detail (Marilyn) studio viewBlack Cotton Flag Made in Georgia (video still)Black Cotton Flag Made In Georgia (installation view)

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